Doris Darbyshire

Coronation Street

Coronation Streets’ producers, no doubt do all they can,
To find successors worthy, to follow the famous clan.

But I watch in vain, for those with the manner,
Of Walker, Tatlock, Sharples and Tanner.

Betty and Bet we love to see, and our nosey Hilda Ogden,
And I must admit, I’m getting round to liking Percy Sugden.

Mike Baldwin, crew, and families, all have their own appeal.
And for Rita, Mavis, Emily, for ever will I feel.

The Corner Shop, may it remain, its image we all cherish,
Alf Roberts, Diedre and spouse, must never, never perish.

But pity the poor script writer, he can’t depend on Curly’s Stars,
He needs maybe a hairdresser, with styles direct from Mars.

A milkman now lives in the street, as yet no undertaker,
But desperately, the ‘Powers that Be,’ provide a Street Dressmaker.

And what a farce she proves to be, though fingers ’ere so nimble,
There’s No Dressmaker in the land, much good without a Thimble!

Notes on this poem

Written in 1985.