Doris Darbyshire

Windsor Close 2

Since I became the ‘Windsor Close,’
More than a decade has gone by.
The children who were toddlers then,
Now the wings of youth do fly.

But still upon my land they ply,
The pursuits of their age.
And every year I watch and pray,
Then turn another page.

Throughout the years, I’ve welcomed,
New families, come to stay.
With their children filling places,
Of those who’ve gone away.

For some, elsewhere, have gone to live,
I remember every one,
There was a Lisa and a Tracey,
A Gill, and brother John.

There was Susan, of the flaming hair,
A Karen and a Jane.
And ever watchful have I been,
Of those who still remain.

There are Nicola, and Sarah Lou’,
Who have to childhood, said good-bye.
So very adult are they now,
I cannot help but sigh.

There is Catherine who also,
Grown up status shows,
Tho still resembling the child figure,
Of that first Christmas in the Close.

There is Nicholas of Party fame,
A junior Don-Juan.
And brothers Kevin, Jason,
The enthusiastic football clan.

There is Adele, who is skating,
Has found her true vocation.
In her face, and in her bearing,
Can be seen her dedication.

And her brother Craig, remembered,
For the patriotic way.
He gave ‘The Queen,’ a smart salute,
At her Speech one Christmas Day.

The golfer Ian, now so tall,
No doubt the club he swings.
Conveys the true direction,
Of the golf ball, as it pings.

His sister Alison, has taken,
Schooling in her stride.
And now, she too, is on the brink,
Of youth, in all its pride.

Another Ian, now also tall,
He is remembered too.
For his observation at a party,
When first to spot the clue.

His sister Leslie, brother Michael,
To Windsor Close they still belong.
With Justine and brother Andrew,
Have all helped to make my song.

There’s Gillian, conscientious,
Her homework always done.
Michelle and playmate Andrew,
Who, as toddlers, were such fun.

Damien and Philip,
The wings of youth now fly,
Beyond and in the Windsor Close,
Where, a green field once was I.

Notes on this poem

Written in 1986.