Doris Darbyshire

Ship of My Dreams

Ship, Oh dream ship, come for me,
Take me to a far country,

Take me where the palm tree grows,
Take me to the orange groves.

Take me to India, to Bombay,
And leave me there a while I pray.

For I must see the Taj Mahal,
At Agra, then on to Nepal.

Back to Bombay, still in prayer,
Oh dream ship please await me there,

To take me through the coral sea,
Then journey on to Hawaii.

And on this shore, my dreams come true,
My ship and I will bid adieu,

And I’ll go roaming, at my will,
Of changing scenes, to take my fill.

But when my wanderlust is o’er,
And England beckons me more and more,

Then ship, oh ship, remember me,
Remember, and return for me.

Notes on this poem

Written in 1980.